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These pages started as a general miscellany and ramblings on some of my interests, over the last couple of years though it has become largely guitar related. Therefore it is now a completely guitar related resource. There is information on value, specifications and models of Fender Guitars and Yamaha Guitars. My Burns Guitar pages are on a separate site see my links pages or menu above.
I welcome E-mails on any guitar related matter, will do my best to help with any queries and also happy to receive any information opinions or corrections on the models I cover.


Updates are frequent but for ease I am now listing them on the home page as I go along. Please bear in mind that the price database on the guitar information pages is updated at least weekly and often more frequently than that.

January 2020
Happy New Year all Major change due to the amount of work and information available elsewhere I am no longer updating any of the Fender Price database I will continue to update Burns Yamaha and Westone which is only a few sales a week. Sorry to anyone who uses the Fender prices.
28th January 2020
Updates to the AE pages
13th Feb 2020
Updates to the Fender Japan introduction pages and the Addition of a page on the ST80-SPL
19th Feb 2020
Started on Japanese Telecasters so now there is a new page on Japanese Thinlines.
10th March 2020
Telecaster TL69s added to Fender Japan pages
27th April 2020
I have completed a huge project the Yamaha RGX and there are areas where information is missing so as usual any comments appreciated
May 2020
Another major project started Fender Korea lot's done lot's still to do.
May 2020
Have updated some bits of Yamahas, Nathan Mafan has provided some pictures and info resulting in updates to RGX600 p 3, Pacifica 1221MS
I have also updated the SAS, and Explorers and Flying V pages in the rare Yamahas section
May 2020
Relatively minor updates to Explorers, SJs, STs and SRs
June 2020
Lots more done on the Fender Korean pages now loads of info still more to come still need help in some areas.
June 2020
A new range of Aerodynes has appeared another Aerodyne page added
Update July 2020
Major revamp of the AES pages
Update August 2020
Updated CBS era strats with more info on the Hendrix Strat thanks Ernest and Joe in New York. Updated the Studio Lord and Lord Player pages with more info on the SL500S thanks Andy and Don, minor update on Korean Squier page.
Update August 2020
Major Update Added Japanese Telecaster Pages TL52 and Hybrid Tele. Also more pictures on Page 3 of the RGX600 pages thanks to Sergei Bondarenko Thanks Sergei.
Update August 2020
Another big update added TL62 section, update MIJ Thinlines, Update MIJ Hybrid Telecasters
Update Sept 2020
More additons to the Thinline pages, lot's of revision of the miscellaneous 60s MIJ Strats, revisions and additions to the TL62 pages and added the Dragon and Gold Geisha ST62-SPL
January 2021
Happy new year everyone there have been many minor updates in the last couple of months and now I have added quite a bit to the Korean Squier strats pages.
March 2021
Added more models to the MIJ 60s strats page and some minor changes to Pacifica index page
Now added more to the ST57 page
March 2021
Added a newly discovered model to the SE pages see the 300 range
April 2021
Updates to many Fender Japan pages mostly minor added models to the ST62 and 70s Telecaster pages
Also added the unusual TL62-105DK
30th April 2021
Added major new section CBS era Teles thanks to all on the Tele and Strat forums who helped.
15th May 2021
Added Post CBS US Standard Telecasters
25th May 2021
Added Post CBS Standard Telecasters with Humbuckers
31st May 2021
Added new section on Post CBS Strat variations
July 2021
Got some more info on the Hendrix stratocaster updated the CBS section
July 2021
Discovered a very rare Yamaha the Leisic Paul see rare Yamahas page
Sept 2021
More info on the 612JS from Seamus in Ireland see RGX page 3. Added a Telecaster FSR from Indonesia to the CV pages
November 2021
Found a previously unknown (to me) RGX model RGX 610Z see RGX pages any info appreciated.
Also a similarly unknown Pacifica 10THV details on Pacifica pages Anniversary model
Also the RTS102 see rare and unusual Yamahas page.
Further update Nov 21
Peter Moulton has sent me some info resulting in updates to the Pacifica 100 series page and the RGX 100 page
The RGX page has Peter's info plus a couple of additions and corrections.
December 2021
Added a section on Superflighters any comments additions etc appreciated.
December 2021
Another major update this time 1960s Yamaha SGs
Update January 2022
Happy New Year all now covered all Yamaha SGs (almost)
January 2022
Now added the Yamaha HR Range