Bill Alston

The SG T and the SG T2

These guitars are signature models of Masayoshi Takanaka, can't tell you much about him except to me he sounds like Carlos Santana and is big in Japan. Strangely the T2 appears to have started about 6 months before the T. The Guitars were produced from 1998. He also had other signature guitars in the SG range described more fully on SG Geeks pages see my links.

Some details

There is very little difference in the appearance of these guitars although whilst both were made in see through Navy the T2 was also available in see through red. The model is shown on the back of the headstock see pictures. The pictures below are of the T2 I have no pictures of the T other than the catalogue scan below, if anyone has I would like to see them to check if I can see any other differences. It would seem that the bridges should look different if the specs are to be believed and it does look like the bridge in the catalogue scan is is a Rockin Magic pro and T2 pictures are Rockin Magic pro 111. Some better pictures would be useful. The only other difference between the two models is the pickups.

A comparison of the specs of the two guitars is here,

Spec Comparison

Scan of the 1992 catalogue showing the SG T

Some pictures of the SG T2


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