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There are over 100 models or variations of Pacificas. They are all Telecaster or Stratocaster like guitars but do differ in specifications from their Fender equivalents. They were first launched in 1989 partly as a replacement for the Sessions but have endured for a lot longer than Yamaha's other Fender style guitars.

Country of Origin
An email from Ben Smith includes Photos of his 412v which is made in Korea there are also 412v guitars which are made in Indonesia. I now think several models of Pacifica were made in more than one country and perhaps it depends on the age of the guitar in that production could have moved at a certain point in time.

An outline of the meaning of model designations etc
Most Pacificas have either a 3 digit or 4 digit number the first number or first 2 numbers in the case of a 4 digit number determine their place in the range, the higher the number the more expensive the guitar. The last number indicates the number of single coil pickups, the second to last number is the number of Humbuckers. So Pac 012 cheap guitar 1 humbucker 2 single coils pac 1411 expensive guitar 1 single coil 1 humbucker.
Some models have a combination of letters or a single letter after the number.
J is second generation 2003 onwards
J can also indicate a Rosewood board
V third generation 2008 onwards
V can also indicate Vibrato bridge
H Hardtail bridge
H can also indicate a High Density Finish
FM and QM flame or quilted Maple top
M Maple board
L Left handed
S Telecaster Shape but MS together can mean Mike Stern or Maple board Telecaster
X Usually some special edition or feature
C Indicates a special pickguard
The made in USA models don't use this numbering system
The 012 has an Agathis body the rest are Alder except the very high end which vary.

This page needs a picture so here's my Pacifica 311MS

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