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Aerodyne Telecaster

Cherry Sunburst quite a rare Aerodyne

The first Aerodyne Telecaster appears in the Domestic ATL-70 which appears in the 2004 Japanese catalogues. Shortly after in 2005 model 25-6605 appears in the American catalogue and it appears to be the same guitar. In the 2007 catalogue the model ATL-78 appears and in 2008 this becomes just the ATL at first I thought this was just price change but it now appears to be an actual model change as there are some very slight differences in the catalogued specs. See discussion with Craig below
There are no Aerodyne Telecasters in the 2010 catalogue onwards until the launch of the Aerodyne special in 2022. The only colour in the catalogues is black except the ATL 2008 model which includes Vintage White. However some FSRs were made again the same guitar but just different colours. I have found a Sunburst model as pictured made in 2004. Any additional information on this would be appreciated. Unlike the Stratocaster there is no medium scale model.

The Black Aerodyne

The White

Another Sunburst

This lovely collection belongs to Wade in Sydney Thanks Wade

Body Basswood Carved Top Cream or Black Binding
Neck Maple C Shaped Crafted or Made in Japan and serial no. on base of neck
Fretboard Rosewood 22 Medium Jumbo Frets 7.25" Radius Dot Markers
Headstock Standard Tele Fender Spag Logo with Aerodyne Tele and single string tree
Tuners Vintage Kluson style
Pickups Neck Single coil soapbar P90 style Bridge Standard Tele single coil
Controls Standard modern Tele
Nut 1.65" Bone
Hardware Chrome
Bridge 6 saddle Chrome Tele style
The 2004 catalogue says these are brass and the 2007 catalogue steel*
Pickguard None

2022 Aerodyne Special
This launch included Telecasters see the 2022 Aerodyne special page.

Discussion with Craig December 2023
Craig who runs Skullbug Music and publishing in Australia see Skullbug Music has sent me the following

My wife Bec’s Aero is a CIJ from 2004-05 serial R014781, and mine is a CIJ from 2002-04 Q049697. They look almost identical and both have the belly cut but Bec’s has a tapered back so is thinner and lighter at 3.15kgs while mine is 3.7kgs - a big comfort difference. Hers also has dark cream binding instead of white and a much thinner neck. .

My initial thought is that the curved back model is the ATL-78 and the flat back the earlier ATL-70 I am seeking proof of this. *Interestingly Craig tells me both their Aerodynes have solid steel saddles maybe there is a catalogue error.

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