Aerodyne Telecaster

Bill Alston

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Aerodyne Telecaster

Cherry Sunburst quite a rare Aerodyne

Unlike the stratocaster there is only really one version of the Aerodyne Telecaster. The export model is just known as the Aerodyne whilst the domestic model, which is the same guitar was called the ATL 70 on launch in 2004 changed to ATL78 in 2007 and to just ATL in 2008 production appears to have ceased before 2010. The only colour in the catalogues is black. However some FSRs were made again the same guitar but just different colours. I have found a Sunburst model as pictured above and a white model. The white was certainly made in 2008 and the Sunburst one in 2004. Any additional information on this would be appreciated. Unlike the Stratocaster there is no medium scale model.

The Black Aerodyne

The White

Another Sunburst


Basswood carved radius top and cream binding


Maple C shaped


Rosewood with 22 medium Jumbo Frets


25.5" scale 7.25" radius 1.65" nut width


6 saddle standard


Neck: Single-Coil P90 Style (soap bar), Bridge: Single-Coil Tele no scratchplate


1 vol 1 tone 3 way pickup selector

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