Bill Alston

The IN 1

This guitar is the signature model of Issei Noro first produced in 1983. Most of the information I have comes from Japanese catalogues from that time through to 2001. I have no access to later Japanese catalogues so I can't be sure when production ceased. He does not appear as a Yamaha artist in the 2012 Bridge magazine so we can be sure production had stopped by then.

Some Pictures


Some details

This guitar was catalogued at 280,000 yen in 1985, 330,000 yen in 2001 and one was for sale on Ebay in August 2016 at a BIN of $5846. The construction, controls and appearance are unusual if not unique. The body is an arched four piece laminate of Maple, Spruce, Maple and Mahogany and is semi hollow. It has a set neck of Mahogany with an Ebony fingerboard of 22 frets 350mm radius and star inlays. The colour you can see is supposedly Planet Blue Burst the only colour it came in whether the pictures represent the real colour is hard to say but it looks much bluer in the catalogues.
The electronics start with three DiMarzio pickups two Humbuckers, which are YGDH-7BC and a YGDH-8BC, the middle pickup is a YGDS-1B single coil. The controls are a front pickup volume a front tone with coil tap and the same again for the rear pickup, the single coil has just a volume which is also an on off switch, coupled with a three way sector I am sure this gives a fair variety of sounds.
It has a TRS pro bridge and all hardware is finished in Chrome.

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