HR Guitars

Yamaha HR Guitars

This is how a collector would like to have one

Part of the "Super Live Series these Explorer style guitars are the signature guitars for the Bow Wow or Vow Wow frontman Kyoji Yamamoto he also has a SFX signature guitar. Having listened to him his style and sounds reminds me a bit of Gary Moore. There are three published models the HR1 the HRIII and the HR Custom
Some Specs

Body Maple and Mahogany Basswood Curly maple + spruce + maple + mahogany + Karin + mahogany (6 layers multi-layer structure) 
Neck Maple and Mahogany Through Neck Maple Set Neck 5 layer Maple and Karin Set Neck
Fretboard Ebony 24 Frets 628mm scale 350mm radius dot inlays Rosewood 24 Frets 628mm scale 350mm radius dot inlays Ebony 24 Frets 628mm scale 350mm radius chevron inlays
Tuners Yamaha Diecast Gold Yamaha Diecast Chrome Yamaha Diecast Gold
Pickups Power Guerrilla-I x 2, Special Piezo PU mounted in trem unit  Power Guerilla II X 2 "YGDH-5B" by DiMarzio x 1, "YGDH-6B" by DiMarzio x 1 
Controls 2 Volume 1 Tone and Coil Split 1 Volume 1 Tone no coil split 2 Volume 1 Tone Coil split
Switching Mag / Piezo PU Balancer, Compressor Touch SW, Piezo PU Touch SW, LED Indicator SW  3 way 3 way
Nut Locking Locking Locking
Bridge Rockin Magic II Rockin Magic II Rockin Magic Pro III
Colours Clear Black Black Mist Red
Available Jan 1986 to 1990 Mar 1986 to 1988 July 1993 to 2004
Price 200000 yen 60000 yen 330000 yen

Yamaha HR1

This guitar has a complex electronic system to control the Piezo Pickup and the 2 Active Humbuckers. There is also a built in chromatic tuner.

Yamaha HR III

A fairly basic guitar as can be seen from the specs and price.

Yamaha HR Custom

A fairly expensive guitar with an interesting construction colour is said to be Mist Brown but looks orange to me.

From the man himself

From Kyoji's own twitter feed is the photo below, he describes them from left to right as an HR-1 Kyoji Special Custom, an HR Custom and an HR Special Custom and says there are at least 10 others. This may mean there are other models than the 3 I have covered above or they may just be made as one offs for him.

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