Yamaha SA 1000

This guitar was made in Japan from December 1977 to 1983 and retailed on release at 100,000 yen
Body Bound Beech and Birch Maple and Spruce block poly finish
Neck Set Mahogany Bound C shape
Fretboard Bound Ebony Dot inlays 12" radius* 22 frets
Headstock Black Yamaha in caps and super axe in gold script black on white truss rod cover with SA 1000 written on
Tuners Yamaha branded sealed
Pickups No coil split Yamaha Alnico 2 Hbs SAH-SAII some marked SA1500 some marked SA1000 one owner measured at 8.8k
Described in Archives as Humbucking A-II could use 2 different types of Pickup Alnico V and Alnico II depending on how they are marked *
Controls Gold 2 volume 2 tone 3 way switch with white tip No coil tap
Nut 42mm
Hardware Chrome
Bridge T-O-M stoptail
Pickguard Standard Black on white
Colours Brown or Persimmon Red
Years available 1977 to 1983
Weight around 4kgs
Comments The Brown is like Walnut or even slightly Burgundy

*Some of the pickups are marked as SA1500 see pictures below. When Yamaha were asked about this the Yamaha representative said there were two possible explanations:
The originally intended this to be an SA1500 hence more expensive or
They marked them wrong.
There was actually a prototype SA1500 made but that was later around 1979. It didn't make it into production.

The first one from 1977 the others from 1978 All the above pickups are from SA1000 guitars
The 1977 one was kindly sent to me by Guray Oskay who owns an SA1000

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