The Shouter SH-1

All the information here is from adverts and similar this guitar does not appear in any official documentation that I can find
Therefore none of this is absolutely certain except what we can get from pictures.
This guitar appears to have been made around 1983 and 1984 and appears from the look to be a variation on the ST models also around at the time.
We can gather the following from bits of available information.
A made in Japan Strat style guitar
Neck Nato
Fretboard only seen Rosewood 21 medium tall frets
Headstock small strat style matching with 1 string tree see pictures
Controls 1 volume 1 tone and 5 way slider
Open back style tuners Made in Japan and Serial number on the back of the headstock
3 Yamaha Focus SS1 pickups said to be Alnico
Truss Rod adjust at heel vintage strat style
Bridge Chrome Vintage strat style 6 pivot
Colours at least black, red and white. No others seen
Seen several for sale in the far East, Japan and Australia fairly sure these were produced for the domestic market only serial numbers seen 14650 and 134577. These don't correspond to any serial number type that I know.
There is also mention of an SH-07 model but I think this is just misreading the number one on the headstock.

June 2024
A Russian advert tells me that the guitar is American Basswood with a Maple Neck 9.5" radius and 41mm nut.
9.5" radius seems very unlikely to me.

A random selection of pictures