The Yamaha RGX range

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This is the beginning of my project to provide information on the RGX range it is a very varied range and along with it's cousins the RGZ and RGS guitars is Yamahas main Superstrat offering. Scale lengths vary some at 24.75cms some at 25.5cms the early ones up to 1994 had 6 in line tuners and later had 3 a side tuners. The range started around 1994 and continued until 2023. The model designations broadly follow the same system as the Pacificas see Pacifica home page for details.
Like the Pacificas there are a huge number of models so I will break them down into groups for easier management these pages are:
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Series Link
The Current offering 2020 2020 current models
The Ty Tabor Ty Tabor Models
The Custom and Standard c1989 Custom and Standard
1200 range Domestic Models 1200 series domestic
1200 range Export Models 1200 series export
800 range 800 series
700 range 700 series
600 range 600 series page 1
600 series page 2
600 series page 3
500 range 500 series page 1
500 Page 2
400 range 400 series
300 range 300 series
200 range The 200 models
100 range The 100 models
The N2 The N2

This page needs a picture so here's the adverts for the free art 321 and 121 models
see also 600 page 3 the 612JS

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