Yamaha Weddington Guitars

The Weddington Guitars

The Weddington Custom either a colour which doesn't appear in the catalgues or a deceptive picture of one in faded burst.

The Weddington was one of the first two designs to come out of the Yamaha Guitar Development in North Hollywood from Rich Lasner, the other one being the Pacifica. Whilst some Pacificas were made in the USA the Weddingtons were made in Japan. The Weddingtons, named after the street on which YGD was, located was a fairly standard single-cutaway two pickup guitar. What set the guitars apart was the unique and innovative electronics and switching creating unique sounds. There are three models in the range the Special, the Classic and the Custom.

Below are scans from English Language Catalogues
The specs are not clear in the pictures so here are the spec comparisons Specifications all models

Weddington Electronics

All models are equiped with two custom made in the USA DiMarzio Humbuckers
5-way switch configuration Weddington Custom Special and Classic:
1. Coils A+B in series (normal bridge humbucker)
2. Coils A+B in parallel (single-coil neck voicing)
3. Coils A+B in series + C+D in series (normal middle-position of a Les Paul, both humbuckers run in parallel)
4. Coils B+C in series (the inner coils from each humbucker) + D (the back coil in the bridge humbucker) brought in paralled with the rear tone control.
5. Coils C+D in series (normal bridge humbucker)

Wiring Diagrams

A Classic in Black and a Special in Cherry
The back of the Custom Showing the Maple Neck Stripes

The Headstocks

The bodies Special, Classic, Custom.

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