Yamaha SG25R and SG25T

In December 1991 Yamaha Custom Shop produced 2 anniversary models. They made 50* of each to celebrate a 25 year anniversary. As you would imagine these are very rare indeed and I have only ever seen pictures of 1 a 25R for sale at auction estimated at £5000 to £6000. I don't know the result of the auction. It is said that around 1989 the Custom shop made an SG25 for Masayoki Takanaka but it has nothing to do with these guitars.
Most of the information I have is from the Archives
*Some sources say 250 made but the archives say 50 of each.

Body Carved Maple Top with Mexican abalone Binding & Special Inlay, Mahogany Back  T cross construction Carved Maple exotic wood top Mahogany Back T cross construction
Neck Hard Rock Maple and Mahogany through neck with Special Head Inlay*  Hard Rock Maple and Mahogany Through neck
Fretboard Ebony 350mm radius chevron markers Ebony 350mm radius chevron markers
Tuners Yamaha Diecast Gold Finish Yamaha Diecast Gold Finish
Pickups 2 Spinex Humbuckers** HSH "YGH-A16B" x 1 "LIVE" -GS5 x 1 "YGH-A18B" x 1
Controls Amber speed dial 2V 2T coil tap on tone direct circuit on volume 3 way switch Amber Speed Dial 1V 1T coil tap on tone
Nut Locking
Hardware Gold Gold
Bridge Gold T-O-M and stoptail Rockin Magic Pro III
Pickguard Small Black raised*** None
Wine Red or Royal Black Cherry Sunburst or Antique Sunburst
Release Price 300000 yen 300000 yen

*The special inlay is a sort of floral or botanical swirl in a pearl colour.
**This guitar is made 3 years after Spinex pickups are said to have ceased production maybe leftovers maybe production didn't stop.
*** It professional on the Pickguard of the 25S.

Update June 2022
I have seen now that Jay at Elite Vintage Guitars has an SG25S in black
Here is what Jay has to say
One of the most iconic guitars ever produced by Yamaha and in the spirit of the Buddha and Devadip Yamaha SG guitars made for Santana, we find the Yamaha SG25s. This guitar was made in 250 pieces in 1991 to commemorate Yamaha Corp 25-year production of Electric guitars since 1966, when the 1st Yamaha SG-2 etc was produced. The specification is like a SG-3000, with a great amount of abalone decoration.

These are the only pictures from the Auction I mentioned a 25S

These are the small pictures from the Archives any others would be much appreciated.

June 2022 found more pictures

This is an S

And a T
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