Yamaha SA 2100

This Black model was made in Taiwan

Information not verified appears on one web site. This guitar was made in Japan and in Taiwan from 1985 to 1989 and was superseded by the 2100-11 but I have seen a picture of one supposedly from 1984 (details of the 2100- 11 are in the Yamaha Archives but not the 2100) I now know that this is not accurate as the 2100 appears in the 1991 and 1993 English language catalogues so the 2100-11 which was around in 1988 is just an additional model not a replacement not that there is much difference except differences in the headstock design.
So we know that this model was launched around 1984/85 and lasted until at least 1993 and was made in both Japan and Taiwan.

I have seen a 1985 MIJ in black a 1986 MIJ in Burgundy, a 1987 MIT in Natural and PH14838 which is an MIT in Burgundy and will be from 1989. All specs from catalogues.

Body Bound Beech and Birch with an Alder Block
Neck Set Mahogany C shape
Fretboard Bound Ebony 22 Frets 350mm radius
Headstock Bound Thistle Logo and YAMAHA model name on TRA cover
Tuners Yamaha branded diecast
Pickups Spinex or SAH-SAIG Alnico V x 2
Controls 2 Volume 2 Tone with push push coil split
Nut 43mms
Hardware Gold
Bridge Gold plated TOM with stoptail
Pickguard small black
Colours Antique Stain, Black, Natural or Burgundy
Years available 1985 to 1993

The 1991 catalogue states that the pickups are Alnico V SAH-SA1G. It could be that Spinex was only used in the MIJ models and MIJ production of this model had stopped or it was just a change in specifications.

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