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BJ Pro and 12

An extract from the 2000 Japanese catalogue showing a BJ Pro in Cosmic Blue next to it's more expensive cousin the BJ CST. Cosmetically similar except for the inlays in the body of the custom.

These are two other signature guitars of Terry and the Blue Jeans see also my page on the TBJ CST.

Some Details of the BJ Pro

This guitar was made in Japan for the Japanese market from 2000 to 2005. The model appears in the Yamaha archives the launch price as shown above was 300,000 yen less than half the price of the custom but available in more colours being Royal Pearl White, Black Sparkle, Blue Sparkle, Cosmic Blue, Red Sparkle. I am also aware of a special run of Vintage Sunburst.
The specs are:
Body is Alder with a set Maple neck.
The fretboard is Rosewood with 22 frets including a zero fret 184mm radius
Scale length 628mms
Hardware is Gold Finish with Locking Tuners and a TBJ CST trem unit
The two single coil alnico pickups are controlled by a 3 way selector, 1 volume control, 1 Tone and a Balancer.

The special run vintage sunburst model.

The range.

The BJ 12

This is a rare guitar indeed I can't find any pictures of it the only details are from the Yamaha Archives, which tell us that this is a 12 string version of the BJ Pro. Only 50 of these were made from May 2002 to sometime in 2003 at what looks like a relatively cheap price of 280,000 yen. Japanese catalogues from the 2000s are not easy to find.
The specs are identical to the BJ pro except for the 12 string bridge, tuners and that it was only made in Royal Pearl white.

Update Sept 2016

Buzzard from the Yamaha forum has pointed me in the direction of some pictures. Thanks Peter.

First some Pros
A Cosmic Blue and case and some detail of a Black Sparkle.

A Royal Pearl White Model

The 12


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