American Fender Telecaster Plus

There are quite a few weird bits about the plus range. The first release is in 1990/91 there is a plus deluxe released in 1991 and tthen a version 2 released around 1995. Weirdly the 2nd version has the same model designation as the 1st even though it is a completely different guitar.

American Telecaster Plus 1st Version 10-8500 and 8502 Telecaster plus deluxe 10-9000 and 9002

These guitars have an unusual pickup configuration a Blue Lace Sensor in the neck and 2 Red Lace sensors in the bridge. The red Lace sensors are arranged Yamaha style like a Humbucker.

Plus Plus Deluxe
Body Ash or Alder with an Ash top and Back as plus
Neck Maple C shape Natural Satin Finish as plus
Fretboard Fretted Maple or Rosewood on Maple 22 Jumbo Frets 9.5" radius as plus
Headstock Standard Tele One roller string tree Fender Telecaster Made in USA and serial number on front as plus but no string tree
Tuners Fender Sealed Diecast Locking
Pickups 1 Blue Lace Sensor at Neck 2 Red Lace Sensors at Bridge as Plus
Controls 1 Volume 1 TBX tone 3 way selector and mini toggle for splitting the Bridge pickups as plus
Nut 1.67" standard nut 1.67" Wilkinson Roller Nut
Hardware Chrome as plus
Pickguard 8 hole 3 ply colour varies with body colour as plus
Bridge 6 saddle chrome strat style hard tail bridge 6 Saddle Chrome start style trem bridge with tremsetter
Colours Natural, Antique Burst, Ebony Frost, Crimson Frost, Blue Frost or Firestorm Red as plus

The Plus Version 1

Plus Deluxe

American Telecaster 2nd Version still 10-8500 and 8502

This model carries on through to 1998. It now has a more normal "Strat" type pickup configuration. Still with three Lace sensors but the toggle switch is now a bridge always on option.
Body Top Bound Alder with Ash top and back with belly cut
Neck Maple C shape microtilt and Biflex truss rod Natural Satin Finish
Fretboard 22 Jumbo Frets Rosewood or Fretted Maple 9.5" radius
Headstock Standard Tele with 1 roller string tree Fender Telecaster and Made in USA on front Serial no on back
Tuners Chrome Deluxe cast sealed
Pickups 3 Fender Specially designed Gold Lace Sensors Telecaster Pickups Coverless black at bridge chrome covered at neck and Middle
Controls 1 Volume 1 Tone both chrome knurled; Black Tipped 5 way selector and Bridge on Toggle Switch
Nut approx 43mm
Neckplate Fender diagonally across
Hardware Chrome
Bridge 6 saddle flat Tele style with through body stringing chrome
Pickguard 8 screw 3 ply shell
Colours Vintage Blonde, Mystic Black, Crimson Burst, Blue Burst or Antique Burst.


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