SG7AS & 12AS

Yamaha SG7AS and SG12AS Guitars

SG7AS with case and Candy
This is on an Ebay auction in July 2022 starting at £2712 plus import costs from Japan

In 1996 Yamaha produced a few special editions, including reissues of the SG7 and SG12 surf guitars. These were designated SG7AS and SG12AS for "Anniversary Special" This was of course a 30 year anniversary of the first SGs
The 7AS is pretty rare I have seen one or two but the 12 string 12AS is very rare and information is hard to get.

I have some specs from catalogues and from owners' adverts so here is what I know.

Body Katsura Gloss Poly finish Katsura Gloss Poly finish
Neck Bolt on Maple Bolt on Maple
Board Rosewood 22 frets with a zero fret Rosewood 22 frets with a zero fret
Tuners Gold Yamaha Branded Pincushion type Gold Yamaha Branded Pincushion type
Scale 628mms 628mms
Pickups SSS repro SG7 pickups looks like SH* SSS UPS repro SG12 looks like SH
Hardware Gold Gold
Bridge Repro SG7** Repro SG12**
Controls 1V 1T Blender/Balancer for Bridge pickups 3 way 1V 1T Blender/Balancer for Bridge pickups 3 way
Weight 3.65kgs
Launch Price 300000 yen 330000 yen

Some notes
Pickups look like SH but the humbucker looking bridge pickups are 2 single coils
Bridge is a Tune-O-Matic type with a roller style trem unit
Only 500 SG7AS were made probably far fewer SG12AS but no info available.
I have only seen the 7 in a green colour and the 12 in a sort of gold see picture.
I have no info on the neck radius or shape
The original 7 had a gold plated nut the SG12 a chrome plated nut. Looks like these both of these had gold plated but hard to see.
The original 12 was chrome hardware but the AS is gold.


Now the 12 the only decent pictures I have

Some catalogue scans

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