Fender Mexican Stratocasters Classic Series

These very popular guitars comprise of a 50s a 60s and a 70s model, there are several FSRs special editions and variations of these.

Stratocaster Classic Series 50s

Replica of a 50s strat launched in 1999 and still a current model in 2019 available in the UK at around £600.

Classic Series 50s 2006/7 in Daphne Blue

Headstock Small with single string tree, truss rod adjustment at heel
Logo Spaghetti Gold
Pickguard 8 screw white plastic single ply with aged white plastic controls and switch tip
Bridge 6 screw vintage style vibrato
Neckplate 4 bolt plain
Neck Fretted Maple soft V 7.25" radius 21 nickle silver vintage frets
Body Poplar or Alder Sunburst is always alder in 2003 changed to all Alder
Pickups 3 white 6 polepiece single coils
Tuners Vintage style Chrome
Colours see below

At launch the colours available were, 2 Colour Sunburst, Daphne Blue, Olympic White, Black, Dakota Red and Surf Green. Colours have come and gone so have FSRs and as at 2019 the colours offered in the UK are 2 colour sunburst, Daphne Blue, Fiesta Red and Surf Green.
Update rbspql from the strat forum tells me he has a CS50s 2006 60th Anniversary model. I will ask for pictures.

Here is the 60th Anniversary model picture kindly provided by rbspql. Looks great.

In 2014 a lacquer version was launched, specifications unchanged except nitrocellulose on Alder Candy Apple Red only.
Update Dec 2018
The lacquer model is now available in 2 colour sunburst Candy Apple Red is no longer available.

According to two members of the strat forum Neil C and The Kid there was an FSR in 2015 the 50s came in Rangoon Red, Apple or Jetstream Blue

The 2015 FSR in Rangoon Red

In December 2017 there is an FSR available pictured below. It is in Fiesta Red with Gold Hardware selling at £738

Fender Stratocaster Classic Series 60s

Released at the same time as the classic series 50s these are also still current and are available in the UK at £650 to £700 occasionally a little cheaper.

Classic Series 60s

Headstock Small with 1 string tree truss rod adjustment at body end
Logo Spaghetti Gold
Pickguard Mint Green 11 screw laminated aged white controls and switch tip
Bridge 6 pivot vintage style vibrato unit
Neck plate 4 bolt plain no microtilit
Neck Maple with Rosewood Board, C shape 7.25" radius 21 nickel silver vintage frets
Body Poplar or Alder Sunburst always alder from 2003 all Alder
Pickups 3 white 6 polepiece single coils
Tuners Vintage style
Colours See below

As I have said before colours came and went and there were FSRs along the way. At launch in 1999 the colours were 3 colour Sunburst, Lake Placid Blue, Olympic White, Black, Shell Pink or Burgundy Mist Metallic. In 2017 the colours available in the UK are 3 colour Sunburst, Candy Apple Red or Lake Placid Blue. The 2015 FSR mentioned by The Kid and Neil C introduced us to Cerulean Blue, Lilac and Canary Diamond. Canary Diamond shown below.
In 2014 a lacquer version was introduced Nitro on Alder Sunburst only.
Update Dec 2018 The lacquer version is now available in Fiesta Red the Sunburst is discontinued.

The 2015 FSR in Canary.

Fender Stratocaster Classic Series 70s

Also launched in 1999 as a replica of the 70s 3 bolt neck strat, also still a current model available in the UK for around £750 although I have seen Thomann sell them for as little as £640. As at 2019 the prices are mostly unchanged and the available colours are Olympic White and Natural.

Classic Series 70s

Headstock Large with 2 string trees, Bullet style truss rod adjuster Logo Black 70s style Pickguard White 11 screw laminated plastic, white controls Bridge 6 pivot vibrato vintage style Neckplate 3 bolt with reverse F logo Neck Fretted Maple or Maple with Rosewood, 7.25" radius, U shaped with 21 nickle silver vintage frets Body Ash Pickups 3 white six polepiece Tuners Vintage F schaller Colours Sunburst, Natural Olympic, White. In 2002 Black added

This picture of the 2015 FSR for the CS50s and 60s was kindly provided by RadioFM74 of the strat forum

Update April 2018
This 2014 FSR Classic Series 60s has a nitro lacquer finish is in Lake Placid Blue with a matching headstock. It has just sold on Ebay for £450
Further Update October 2019
Phil Dietz has pointed out that this is actually Daphne Blue. Thanks Phil


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