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Some Guitar Information

On this page I will post information to assist people in buying selling and identifying guitars. My interests are Yamaha, Fender, Burns, Westone and Paul Reed Smith Guitars and these will be the guitars I focus on. This information will change and be added to often. Keep checking back.

What is it worth

I maintain a database of sales of Fender (including Squier, but I have don't record anything below £100) Burns, Westone, and Yamaha. This tells me what people will pay for them and hence what they are really worth. I did record Tokai and PRS sales but I have stopped upating these as of December 2017 the details up to then are still available What people ask for them is irrelevant and many are pitched far too high on Ebay. I am always willing to give advice if asked. The links below are to spreadsheets containing prices paid they are downloadable and can be sorted and filtered in all the normal ways. If you are buying a used Fender send me pictures, there are a lot of fakes about and if I am not sure I can ask the experts for you. I have recently changed the format to make comparing and sorting much easier.

American Fenders
Mexican Fenders
Other Fenders
Squier Fenders
Burns Guitars
Yamaha Guitars
Westone Guitars
PRS No longer updated
Tokai and some miscellaneous No longer updated

There is a company in the UK based in the Bath area which holds specialist guitar auctions regularly. This is not like Ebay it is an auction house with knowledgeable people who do proper appraisals you should visit their website the link is on my links page. They have records of sales going back several years for all makes of guitar. I am listing sales of the models I am interested starting from the beginning of 2014, but you can check the others for yourself.

Guitar Auctions Not updated as at Dec 2017

What model is it

I am starting to build a library of Fender Stratocaster Factsheets, these will contain facts to enable people to recognise different Strats and perhaps to spot fakes or partscasters. I intend to add to these regularly so keep checking back. The links below will be to pdfs which are downloadable. Some of these will now not be fact sheets but separate web pages.

Post CBS Standard Strats
CBS Standards
Mexican SSS Models Now a separate web page not a fact sheet
Highway One and American Specials Is now a separate web page not a fact sheet

Yamaha Magazines

In the far east Yamaha produce a magazine called Bridge, it is similar to the Fender Frontlines of old. I have pdfs in English of the 2012 and 2015 versions these are available for download from the links below. I don't know if they were produced in any other years but if anyone does know of others please let me know.
2012 Bridge
2015 Bridge