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Aerodyne Guitars

This is my Special Edition Aerodyne Classic

As always with Japanese guitars this is a work in progress and all help, corrections or additions are more than welcome.
The Aerodyne Strat range is split between models made for the domestic market and those for export. There are similarities between some of the models but not all.

The Western Market

We can get a fair amount of information on these from Fender catalogues, their website and similar. They are documented in several reference books but not always accurately. We know from Antigua a member of the strat forum that there were some special runs in colours not shown in any of the literature. If anyone has any of these I would like to see pictures.
The first Aerodyne version 1 was first available in 2004 in black only and would appear to be the same guitar as the domestic one issued at the same time known as the AST65. It had a Maple neck with a Rosewood fretboard, 22 frets. It was all black plastic with the jack socket mounted on the pickguard, with 3 vintage single coils. It is a basswood body and if it is the AST65 it will be a 184mms (7.5ins) scale.

Fender Frontline 2004 launching the version 1

The Version 1 was available for around a year or so the version 2 was launched in 2005 and had a RRP of $900 or so. There is no domestic equivalent of this guitar that I can find so it appears to be export only. I am not really sure why there was this change the guitar was essentially the same as version 1 but with no pickguard so direct mounted pickups and a side mounted jack, perhaps it was thought to look cool. Again only available in black. This model lasted for a little over a year also.

A version 2 I suppose it does look quite cool

In 2006 the Special Edition Aerodyne classic stratocaster was launched at an RRP of $1,000, see first picture. This has some features in common with the domestic Aerodyne Special AST100DMC, mainly in the construction but with different electronics and different colour options, but refer to the comment in the introduction about special runs. This beaut of a guitar is an basswood body with a curly maple laminate top. Features a maple neck with rosewood board 22 frets 324mm scale 250mm radius, which is about 9.85 inches. Mint green pickguard with 3 single coils said to be vintage style.
According to Fender literature this was available in Crimson Red Transparent, Blue transparent and Natural. This guitar was available until 2010.

Two SE Classics Red and Natural

Update November 2016

I have just seen an Aerodyne version 1 for sale on Ebay. This has a serial number which dates it to no later than 2002. The catalogue shows they were launched in 2004, so is this using left over serial numbers or did they start earlier?
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