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My Burns Guitar Site

Here are some useful links to guitar sites I visit often.


There are a number of guitar forums I would encourage everyone to visit and contribute to these sites.

The Stratocaster forum is a very busy forum with sections for lot's of other guitars and guitar related matters
Stratocaster Forum

The Yamaha Guitar Forum is moderated by some good people but needs more members in the guitar section to keep it lively
Yamaha Forum

The Japanaxe Forum is a forum for all Japanese guitars with a good Yamaha section and some very knowledgeable people
Japanaxe Forum

The Telecaster Forum is worth a visit and has other sections including other guitar owner's clubs.
Telecaster Forum

The Squier Strat Forum is a bit niche but has some good stuff and some good people
Squier Talk

The Burns Guitar Forum is a here lots of knowledge
Burns Guitar Forum

Yamaha Guitar Sites

For information on all the Super Axe models that I don't cover.

A brilliant site with a fantastic amount of information on Yamaha SG models
Yamaha SG Geek
Chris is back as part of the Yamaha forum.

A specialist site on Yamaha Super Flighters
Yamaha Super Flighter

A Dutch site for vintage Yamahas
Vintage Yamaha Guitars

Other Guitar Sites

Elite Vintage Guitars features Jay's collection of Fenders, Gibsons, Yamahas and many others he has a facebook page too.
Elite Vintage Guitars

A UK Specialist Guitar Auction House
Guitar Auctions

A Burns Guitar Site No longer updated but great information
Burns Guitars

My Burns Guitar Site Developing all the time.
Burns Guitars

A Great Guide to Westone Guitars
Westone Guitars

Another Great Guide to Westone Guitars
Westone Guitar Info

A Site devoted to Matsumoku Guitars
Uncle Mats

A guitar review site with some great information covers lots of Yamahas and others such as Gibson, Ibanez and Washburn