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Yamaha Rare or Unusual

Following an exchange of links with Peter a friend from Denmark (known as Buzzard on the Yamaha forum) I decided to produce some pages on some of the rarer and more unusual Yamaha Guitars. This will range from some very rare limited runs to some not that rare but just happen to catch my imagination. As always any help, corrections, information and pictures anyone can give me is much appreciated.

The IN1 Issei Noro here just to make the page look better

The guitars a growing list

The almost legendary YEG 100a YEG100A
The equally rare TSG TSG
The Sonare also a fairly elusive guitar especially the SN1 Sonare
Not sure that the VG standard qualifies as rare but the custom certainly does and they certainly qualify as unusual VGs
If we are going to have Aska's VG we must have Chage's signature models the MGS MGS Standard and Custom
The Issei Noro Signature Guitar the IN 1 pictured above a rare guitar in the west IN 1 The Issei Noro
The RTX and RTL 102 are quite rare if inexpensive guitars RTX102 and RTL102
The KK was produced for 10 years in Japan but still very rare in the west. The KK
The YSG range of models The YSGs
The amazing looking Terry and the Blue Jeans signature TBJ CST and the TBJ CST2 The TBJ CST
Two other Blue Jeans signature guitars the BJ pro and the BJ 12 The BJ pro and 12
More signature models the SG T and SG T2 The SG T and T2 Masayoshi Takanaka
The SA-RR Custom SA-RR Custom
The EX and VX guitars Yamahas Explorers and Flying Vs
The stunning SG3KY Yuzo Kayama signature guitar
The Randy Rhoads Style FZ 1000 FZ 1000
The SHB 400 rare in the UK SHB 400
The SSC sister to the SHB and equally rare in the UK SSC 500
The SFX Range also rare in the UK Kyoji Yamamoto Guitar The SFX