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The YSG Range

This YSG1 recently sold on Ebay for £500 in September 2016 which is probably too much. The bridge marks it as not a T and the gold hardware as a 1 not a 2.

The YSG range consists of 4 models all launched in May 1988 and discontinued in 1990. They were for the Japanese domestic market only although it is known that a few came into the UK possibly by mistake. There is a full comparison of specs available at the end of this page. The models are designated the 1 the 2 the T1 and the T2. The 1 and the T1 had gold finish hardware the other two chrome. The T series have vintage pro bridges and the others TSG-1G (tunomatic style) bridges. Hence it is fairly easy to tell which model.

Some pictures showing the different models

First the 1 Gold Hardware tunomatic style bridge as above.

Now the 2 Chrome Hardware but same style bridge
Now the T series first the T1 with gold hardware and vintage bridge
Finally the T2 Chrome Hardware vintage bridge

The more observant of you may also notice the difference in the 12th fret markers.

Full Specs and Comparisons