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The SC Samurais

The 1981 catalogue launching this range again the top of the range the 600 has a through body neck and you may be able to make out the really nice figuring on the 400 body

The third and final range of the SCs was launched in 1981 and lasted until about 1983 comprised the 600 the 400 and the 300T. Interestingly these don't appear in the Yamaha archives nor any Japanese catalogues that I can find leading me to believe that they are export only models but again I have no other evidence for this. The 300T I can't find in any catalogues anywhere. These are strat style guitars with the Yamaha Samurai type headstock. Again they are all 25.5" scale 13.75" radius but unlike the other two series these all have 22 frets instead of 21. These were concurrent with the second series and seem to be for a different market, these also have no reason to be called SCs not having the super combinations but the 600 does have the split to reduce the number of the pickup windings in use.

The 600
This one is in oil stain note the through body neck and the small toggle switch for the split.

The 400
Note the set neck, no toggle switch, the wood configuration shows really well through the Persimmon red.

The 300T
Showing Bolt on Neck and Trem type bridge presumably that's why it's a T






Alder and Ash

Alder and Ash



Laminated Mapel and Mahogany Through Neck

Maple set neck

Maple Set neck






Yamaha Gotoh Style

Yamaha Gotoh Style

Yamaha Gotoh style


Speed Dial Black 1 volume 1 tone 5 way switch

Speed Dial Black 1 volume 1 tone 5 way switch

Speed dial transparent 1 volume 1 tone 5 way switch

Coil Split

reduced windings by toggle switch




6 saddle fixed

6 saddle fixed

6 saddle trem


3 high output black single coils no pickguard

3 Yamaha Single black coils no pickguard

3 Yamaha white covered single coils in white pickguard


Oil Stain or Persimmon Red

Oil Stain or Persimmon red

Black, White or Red

I have only seen a couple of these for sale by Ebay auction in the last few years and they have gone for fairly low prices a 300T went for £122 and a 400 for £220.

Buzzard from the Yamaha forum has sent me pictures of a black guitar he owns labelled as a 400t I have since found a picture of a natural blonde one and another black one in a Ebay sale. Little information is available but from what there is it would appear to be made at the same time as and identical to the 400 except for the trem bridge. It doesn't appear in any catalogue I can find nor in the archives. Does anyone have any information to add.

The top left picture the guitar on the left is a 400t the next two are from the Ebay auction and the last picture is of Buzzard's guitar