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Revised Telecasters Made in Mexico

Telecaster Special 1994-1996 Known as The Contemporary in the UK

A standard telecaster with some modifications. Essentially the bridge pickup is replaced by a splittable humbucker and a five way switch fitted. It has an 8 screw black laminated pickguard six saddle raised sides bridge and through body stringing on a poplar body with a veneered top. 21 standard frets on a maple neck. It came in Black, Blonde, Crimson Red and Sunburst

Crimson Red 1994 Special

Deluxe Nashville 1997-

This model has certainly stood the test of time and is still being made a standard tele with a strat pickup in the middle.
Alder Body later Ash for some colours
Maple Neck with Rosewood or Maple board 21 Medium Jumbo Frets 9.5" radius
Vintage Style Machine Heads
8 screw laminated brown shell pickguard
Pickups Tex Mex Teles in neck and bridge Tex Mex strat in middle
1 volume 1 tone 5 way switch
Chrome Hardware 6 saddle raised side vintage bridge
Colours at Launch Black, Candy Apple Red, Sunburst or Arctic White
In 2016 this guitar changed considerably
The pickups are now 2 vintage noiseless Tele pickups with a vintage noiseless strat pickup in the middle
Locking Tuners
6 Saddle tele bridge through body string and block saddles
12" Radius and contoured Neck Heel slim C neck
Now 22 Medium Frets on Maple board in 2018 no Rosewood or similar
Colours in 2018 Sunburst, Daphne Blue, Fiesta Red or White Blonde

A 2016 Sunburst Deluxe Nashville

Deluxe Nashville Power1999-

This is a Deluxe Nashville with the addition of a Fishman Power Bridge which contains 6 piezo pickup saddles. It has a concentric combined control for volume and tone on the normal pickups and a volume control for the piezo pickups and a 5 way switch.

The Body of the Power showing Fishman Bridge and Controls

Deluxe Big Block 2005-2006

This is a telecaster based on black and chrome not produced for very long.
Alder Body painted black
Maple Neck with block inlays and a black headstock with deluxe series written on 1 string tree
21 Medium Jumbo Frets 9.5" radius
3 vintage style tel pickups with the middle one reverse wound reverse polarity
5 way switch
6 saddle chrome bridge with through body stringing
Chrome Hardware, Chrome reflective pickguard chrome dome knobs and chrome switch tip
vintage style tuners

Deluxe Blackout 2008-

Produced from 2008 to 2013 in black only
Body Alder
Neck Tinted Maple C shaped with a Maple board 21 medium jumbo frets 9.5" radius
Pickups 2 plain metal tele single coils and 1 black 6 pole tele single coil angled in bridge plate
6 saddle bridge through body stringing
Hardware Chrome
Pickguard 8 hole black white black
1 volume 1 tone chrome controls with a 5 way switch with black tip
Headstock truss rod adjustment 1 string tree
Nut 1.65" synthetic bone


Launched in 2010
Body Ash with a Spruce wedge
Maple C neck with a Rosewood board 21 Medium Jumbo Frets 12" radius
Bridge: String through body rosewood Acoustic Tele Bridge with Compensated Plastic Saddles
Tortoiseshell Scratch Plate
Controls and circuitry:
A Fishman transducer pickup is mounted underneath the compensated plastic saddle of the rosewood bridge. The onboard Fishman Aura IC preamp features two standard preamp controls, volume and tone, and also enables you to select four Aura IC images - dark folk, bright folk, dreadnought and jumbo. On the magnetic side Fender's Custom Shop Twisted Tele pickup at the neck, and controls comprise master volume and a stacked volume and tone for the magnetic pickup. A three-way lever selector switch offers piezo acoustic, both piezo and magnetic or electric alone; the supplied stereo 'Y' cable allows either dual 'stereo' outputs for both systems or mixed mono (selected via switch on the back of the battery compartment).

Blacktop Baritone 2012-

Produced from 2012 to 2014 intended for B to B tuning with 013-065 gauge strings.
Standard Tele Alder Body gloss finish
Rosewood board on a Maple neck 27" scale 9.5" radius 22 Medium Jumbo Frets
Pickups 1 Telecaster Blacktop Humbucker and 2 Telecaster single coils
5 way switch black tip with slightly unusual position 3 which is all pickups on instead of just the middle
1 volume 1 tone black skirted amp style controls with the control plate inverted
Pickguard Laminated Black White Black 8 screw
Bridge Strat style hard tail bridge through body stringing and 6 bent steel saddles
Originally available in 2012 in Classic Copper or Ghost Silver, 3 Colour Sunburst added in 2013

In Ghost Silver

Blacktop HH 2011-

This guitar shows as new in the 2011 Frontline and is replaced in 2015 by the Standard Telecaster HH see below.
Body Alder
Neck Maple with either a Maple or Rosewood Board 9.5" radius Gloss Urethane finish
Truss Rod Adjustment at Headstock 1 Butterfly String Tree
1.65" Synthetic Bone nut
Frets 22 Medium Jumbo
Pickups 2 Blacktop high gain humbuckers
Bridge Through Body 6 Saddles Chrome finish
Controls 1 volume 1 tone 3 way no coil tap Black Skirted Control Knobs Black Switch tip
Colours Black, Silver or Candy Apple Red

Cabronita 2011

There is some mystery about this guitars dates it is said to have been launched in 2011 and I have seen ones with 2011 serial numbers it does not however appear in the frontline 2011 or 2012 it does appear in the 2013 issue but not as a new model. It then appears in the following years issue as a new model but with exactly the same incorrect blurb in reality all that is different is the colours. It doesn't appear in the 2015 frontline but I have seen a 2016 model.
Body Alder except for White Blonde which is Ash
Maple neck and board 22 Medium Jumbo Frets ,Frontline says 21 but it's obviously 22, 9.5" radius, modern C.
2 Fender Fidelitron Humbucking Pickups no coil tap
1 Volume control chrome and 1 3 way selector
4 screw pickguard white on the black model otherwise black
Bridge 6 saddle through body hardtail strat type bent steel saddles
Nut 1.65" Synthetic Bone
Headstock see pictures below
Chrome Hardware
Colours 2013 3 Colour Sunburst, Black or White Blonde. 2014 Black, Surf Green, Candy Apple Red

The pre 2014 range

2012 and 2016 headstocks

Cabronita Thinline 2013

Released late 2013 and produced for about a year.
Body Alder except for White Blonde which is Ash
Maple neck and board 22 Medium Jumbo Frets 9.5" radius, modern C.
2 Fender Fidelitron Humbucking Pickups no coil tap
1 Volume control chrome and 1 3 way selector
4 screw pickguard white on the shoreline gold otherwise black
Bridge 6 saddle through body hardtail strat type bent steel saddles
Nut 1.65" Synthetic Bone
Chrome Hardware
Colours see picture below Shoreline Gold, 2 Colour Sunburst or White Blonde

Standard Telecaster HH 2015-

First appears in 2015
available in Black, Olympic White or Ghost Silver.
Alder Body with Gloss Polyester Finish
Maple Neck with a Rosewood Board Modern C 21 Medium Jumbo Frets
Nut Synthetic Bone 1,65"
Pickups 2 splittable Blacktop open coil humbuckers
Controls Knurled Chrome finish type 1 volume 1 push pull tone that splits the coils and three way switch
3 ply Black White Black 8 screw pickguard
Bridge 6 saddle through body hardtail strat type bent steel saddles
Available in Black, Olympic White or Ghost Silver.

In 2018 from the above list the Deluxe Nashville is still available the Standard Telecaster HH rebranded as Player Telecaster HH with different specs is still available.

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