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The Vintage Players

The range at launch 2001 showing available colours I don't think any other colours were ever produced.

Hard evidence of details of this range is hard to find. Most of the confirmed information comes from Yogi on the Strat forum and some members of that and other forums. This guitar does not appear in any of the catalogues I can find but that isn't that surprising. It appears to originally been made in 2001 as a limited edition for Yamano and Fender Europe. There were four colours and 250 of each were made, so 1000 in all. Exactly how many were exported to where is impossible to tell. Also they have been seen in the USA.
There is good evidence that there was at least one more run of these in 2003, but how many and where these went to isn't clear. The specs seem to be fairly consistent throughout the range except that the 2003 Aztec Gold has Gold Hardware rather than Chrome. The Guitar was designed by J W Black of the custom shop and the 2001 release included his name on the special edition sticker.

These guitars are essentially a special run of Classic 50s or 60s made for export so are very similar to that range. The price at the time was listed as $1,000

Vintage Player 50s

Vintage Player 60s


Maple Soft V vintage tint

Maple C Vintage tint


Alder Poly Finish

Alder Poly Finish


Maple 9.5" radius 21 frets

Rosewood 9.5" radius 21 frets



Chrome Gold on the 2003 Aztec Gold


Kluson type Vintage Staggered

Kluson type Vintage Staggered


Vintage 6pt

Vintage 6pt


1 ply 8 screw see picture above for colours

3 ply tortoiseshell 11 screw again see picture above


3 Texas Specials aged covers

3 Texas Specials aged covers


2 tone 1 Volume 5 way switch aged white

2 tone 1 Volume 5 way switch aged white


All as US models CTS Switchcraft etc.

All as US models CTS Switchcraft etc.

Here are some pictures of the stunning gold with gold hardware 2003 VP50s

The rest of the pictures are from the 2001 run
As I have said before hard information is tough to come by so if anyone can add anything correct or confirm anything please do.

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