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My Burns Guitar Site

Welcome to my Guitar web pages

These pages started as a general miscellany and ramblings on some of my interests, over the last couple of years though it has become largely guitar related. Therefore it is now a completely guitar related resource. There is information on value, specifications and models of Fender Guitars and Yamaha Guitars. My Burns Guitar pages are on a separate site see my links pages or menu above.
I welcome E-mails on any guitar related matter, will do my best to help with any queries and also happy to receive any information opinions or corrections on the models I cover.


Updates are frequent but for ease I am now listing them on the home page as I go along. Please bear in mind that the price database on the guitar information pages is updated at least weekly and often more frequently than that.

December 2017
Major changes to What's it worth section, Yamaha Burns and Westone now have their own sheets and no longer updating PRS, Tokai or Guitar Auctions. All the old information is still available.
January 2018
Received some good information on the SA 1300w from JDZ see SA pages, thanks.
23rd March 2018
Just returned from 5 weeks in Australia so no updates for some time including the price database. I am now updating from the last 5 weeks sales but it will take a week or so.
27th March 2018
Price database now up to date some minor info added to SC pages.
Update 5th April 2018
Some FSRs added to Classic Vibes and to MIM SSS Classic series
25th April 2018
Some updates and additions to the MSG pages icluding a question about UK manufacture. More information from JDZ on the SA1300W added to the SA pages.
10th May 2018
Update to the YSG pages with more about the 125
15th May 2018
Added an FSR to Classic Players in the MIM SSS Strats
18th May 2018
Decided that some models should come out of the Rare and Unusual pages and have their own pages. So the Explorers and Flying Vs, The VGs and the YSGs now have their own indexed pages.
29th June 2018
Added some information to the SA 800 page
28th July 2018
Made some major updates now cover all Mexican Fender Telecasters and restarting work on the Strats.
3rd August 2018
Revamped the My Guitars page looks much better I think. Also added details of my latest and very rare acquisition
17th August 2018
A lot of information has been added to the Fender pages all Mexican Strats and Telecasters now covered and CBS strats page added but still under construction
31st August 2018
CBS pages all finished still a few bits missing from Fender Mexicans with Humbucker but I will update as I come across relevant information
18th September 2018
Updating all my SA pages with information received from catalogues etc over the last few months. So far revised 800, 2200, 15 and 15D will contimue to do this over the next month or so keep checking back.
1st October 2018
SA updates all finished for now
4th October 2018
Added Wayne Kramer strat to Mexican Artist models. Anymore I have missed?
8th October 2018
Added Yamaha AE and AEX pages.
19th October 2018
Added Yamaha YG, YGS and YGX sections
15th November 2018
Added details of an intriguing SA 700 anyone know anything about this and updated MIM SSS page with some anaomalies. Quite interesting any thoughts appreciated.