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The RGX N2

This guitar is slightly mysterious in that I can't find it in any official documents or web site. The only reference to it is in sales on Ebay, Reverb and Japanese sites. The problem is that there are often several adverts for the same guitar, however due to marks and faults and where it's photographed I have seen at least three separate guitars. The other problem is that there is no model name or number anywhere on the guitar but at least three separate sales call it an RGX N2, so I am inclined to believe that is what it is.
All the ones I have seen have been a Mary Kaye style colour system, white/blonde with gold hardware.

Specifications all from online sales
Body Basswood
Neck Bolt on Maple
Fretboard 22 frets 648mms scale 350mms radius dot markers
Headstock Matching Body Yamaha written on one string tree No model name on front or back
Tuners Gold Diecast
Pickups 2 Focus SH2 HBs 1 Focus SS2 SC
Controls 1 volume 1 tone 5 way switch coil split
Nut Not Locking
Hardware Gold
Bridge Vintage Trem
Pickguard None
Colours White Blonde
Years available 2000 to 2003
Made in Taiwan

The headstock

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