Bill Alston

SA 800

Nice 800 in Wine Red

This guitar was made in Taiwan up to about 1989 it appears in the 1981 US catalogue with the following spec. It does not appear in any of the Japanese catalogues of the time that I can see. It appears to be built to sell outside Japan but I have no way of proving that.
I have now seen an 800 that was made in Japan in 1982 showing as I have said on other models that Yamaha often made the same model in both countries and maybe more than two countries.
I have received information from a member of the Yamaha Forum 59Bassman (Mark) who recalls trying one of these in a music shop in the UK around 2009/10 and has adverts showing that these were still for sale around that time. I assume this is old stock but 10 years old may be stretching it.
However they do not appear in any catalogue after 1987 that I can find so when production actually stopped is uncertain

Fret board Rosewood
Radius 13.75 ins
Body Beech
Neck Mahogany dot inlays
Hardware Chrome with Lightweight Compact Bridge
Pickups 2 Spinex pickups
Colours Natural Yellow, Wine Red or Black

Some Pictures

On the left is an MIJ 800 known to be 1982 by the pickups on the right an MIT 1986 by the serial number

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