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SA 2200

This guitar was made in Japan from at least 1992 to 2014. It also appears in the various English language catalogues. It has been the standard SA for that period and often the only one available. The Japanese catalogue 1994 shows retail of 150,000 yen. In 2012 MRRP 231,000 yen (£1300). Although supposedly out of production it is still available at about £1550 in September 2016.


From Japanese 1994 catalogue

From English Language Catalogues 2006 2009 2012

Fret board




13.75 ins



Maple and Sycamore top Birch and Sycamore Back and sides Maple and Spruce Block

Laminated figured Maple








SAH-SA 11 G (Alnico v USA) split able

2 Alnico V split able



Violin Sunburst, Brown Sunburst





Below is a conversation on forum regarding the continued or otherwise production of SA guitars

From a Canadian guitarist
Earlier this year, I went to my local Yamaha dealer to enquire about the SA-2200. Not only did they not have any in stock, that model did not exist in their computer system. Because of that, I cannot order one.
Instead, I contacted several Japanese online music shops. None of the shops had one in stock, but they could order one without knowing when they will get it. It seems Yamaha does not make them on a regular basis. It took a few months to get mine, and the import duty cost me a small fortune. So, this model is still in production. Perhaps no longer available in Europe or North America, but they still build them. I had heard elsewhere that Yamaha had switched the SA-2200 production to Taiwan, but it does not seem to be the case. The serial number label on mine has "Made In Japan" printed on it.

They still appear on the Japanese and UK web sites as at September 2016

Some more pictures although there are plenty of these about.


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