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SA 1100

Yamaha SA 1100

This guitar was made in 1988 to 1991 and retailed on release at 90,000 yen according to Yamaha’s Japanese archives. These are a bit mysterious because they appear to re-emerge in the western market in 1994, not sure for how long. The ones I have seen are definitely made in Japan but there are several comments from good sources that these are made in Taiwan.

I have now seen made in Taiwan models up to as late as May 1998 OH26307 is a Natural coloured January 1998 model and OL10111 is a black May 1998 model both MIT.

In The March 2016 sale by guitar auctions there is an MIT SA 1100 dating from 1999 with the serial number PH05177 so is this the last year? Even more mysterious is that these guitars do not appear in any of the 1998 or 1999 catalogues. Possibly the first run from 88-91 was Japanese and they made some from 1994 onwards in Taiwan, but this is just speculation.

Fret board



13.75 ins


Beech and Birch






HB Alnico V x 2


Brown Sunburst, Orange Sunburst, Black or Natural





A further complication is this guitar the serial Number should indicate a MIJ in 1986 which is two years before the launch, I would be inclined to believe that it is yet another Yamaha Serial Number anomaly. You would think that if it was MIJ they would have taken the photo at a slightly higher angle to show it.
This is an MIJ 1100 serial number fits no known format.

Headstock from an MIT 1100

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