Bill Alston

Yamaha SA 900

This guitar was made in Taiwan from 1983 to 1988 and retailed on release at 80,000 yen, this model appears in the Yamaha Japan Archives so it is likely that is was for sale in Japan. It does not appear in the 1985 English Language catalogue I have access to so possibly for the domestic market only or the Far East only.
Update August 2016 Whilst looking at some Ebay Japan listings I have seen one or two SA900s that are made in Japan as well as a couple that are Made in Taiwan. The serial numbers on two of the Japanese ones suggest 1984 and the pickup numbers on another suggest 1987 again showing that Yamaha were making the same guitar in two different countries at the same time.
Body Bound Beech and Birch Trans poly finish
Neck Set Mahogany Bound
Fretboard Rosewood 13.75" radius 22 frets
Headstock Black Yamaha in caps and super axe in gold script black on white truss rod cover with SA 900 written on
Tuners Yamaha branded sealed
Pickups 2 Alnico 3 Humbuckers no coil split
Controls Black 2 volume 2 tone 3 way switch with white tip
Nut 1.75"
Hardware Chrome
Bridge T-O-M stoptail
Pickguard Standard Black on white
Colours Sunburst, Black or Persimmon Red
Weight 3.7 kgs

Some Pictures of an SA 900 made in Taiwan

And some of an SA 900 Made in Japan

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