Bill Alston

SA 2100-11

This image is supposedly a 2100-11 but I can't be certain but it does look very like the catalogue scan.

According to the Yamaha archives this guitar was made ( presumably in Japan)from 1988 to 1991 and retailed on release at 150,000 yen.   It appears in the 1990 Japanese catalogue at 139.000 yen showing an Antique Stain guitar.

All the information below is from the Archives.

Fret board



13.75 ins


Beech and Birch






Alnico v x 2


Antique stain ,burgundy, yellow natural and black






I have no other pictures of this guitar any pictures or information would be much appreciated

September 2018
I have seen in a few places around the web that the 2100ii is simply the 2100 but made in Taiwan. However this isn't true. The time frames don't add up. The 2100 MITs have different headstocks to the 2100ii it is a different model. The made in Taiwan bit though could be true. Here's a scan from the 1990 Japanese catalogue.

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